Freshwater Science

This program prepares students for careers related to inland aquatic ecosystems. It is for science students and graduates of the Water Quality Technology Environmental Monitoring Laddering option at the new Okanagan College.

Freshwater ScienceMajor in Freshwater Science (BSc)


The Freshwater Science program integrates and synthesizes aquatic aspects of biology, chemistry, geography and earth and environmental sciences. Students will study water quality and quantity, aquatic organisms and the health of aquatic ecosystems. In the fourth year of the program, all students undertake an individual project in their area of interest, and participate in a group research project under the direction of the program coordinator. First year science students planning to enter this program must include BIOL 116 and 125 in their 30 credits of required first year courses. Graduates of this program will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with future national and international freshwater environmental problems - both in water quality and quantity. In addition to employment in freshwater and environmental sectors, graduates will be prepared for graduate study and research in freshwater science.

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