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Course Unions

The two course unions related to the Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences are networks of enthusiastic students. Though the course unions are unique, they are both committed to fostering a great academic experience through member engagement, events, advocacy, and increasing access to resources.

EESC Course UnionThe Environmental and Earth Sciences Course Union Course Union is an active group that keeps members informed about upcoming events, job opportunities, volunteer opportunities, as well as important academic updates. It is also a great way to connect with fellow Environmental and Earth Sciences students.

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Pyper Legge, President

Pyper LeggePyper is a fourth year Earth and Environmental Science student, from Yellowknife NWT. She is very passionate about the environment, climate change, and northern issues. Aside from her academic work she enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and gardening.

The president’s job involves making sure that all events, meetings, and interactions run smoothly. As well as keeping up communication with the faculty and the UBCSUO. They are also responsible for ensuring that students have access to the course union and to the resources that the course union provides.

Geography Course UnionWe provide a space for Geography majors, minors, or enthusiasts to gather and get involved with their peers and the geography community.

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Luz-Marina Roberts, President

Luz Marina RobertsLuz-Marina is from Trinidad and Tobago and the biggest interest in her degree is studying the critical human geographies of the Caribbean. She often discusses topics that include things like colonialism and imperialism and how they affect the Caribbean. Aside from her academic work, she enjoys drawing and dancing as she has done both from a young age.

The president’s job entails making major decisions within the course union and ensuring smooth and effective communication within the team, with the faculty members and with the SUO. An important component of this job also includes ensuring students can access course union events and major/faculty information if they need help. Lastly, the president is responsible for delegating responsibilities to other executive members.

Mackenzie Clark, VP Secretary

Mackenzie is a fourth-year Geography student with a minor in Spanish. Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, she is passionate about environmental education, community engagement, and learning languages. Mackenzie loves studying Geography because it equips her to be able to examine and create solutions for human and nature relationships from a holistic perspective.

Her role as the VP Secretary involves event advertisements across social media platforms, minute taking at meetings, notifying members of upcoming meetings, and planning social events. She is looking forward to welcoming new GCU members this year.

Will Burkett, VP Marketing

Will BurkettWill Burkett is a fourth-year geography major from Berkeley, California. His biggest interests in Geography are urban social issues such as gentrification and the affordable housing crisis within his home of the East Bay. Outside of school, he enjoys playing and coaching soccer, skateboarding, cooking and eating.

As VP Marketing, he will be in charge of managing all of the Geography course union’s social media accounts, emails, filling out Eventbrite requests, and submitting off-campus event requests.

Andi Egan, VP Finance

Andi EganAndi is from Victoria BC and is in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Arts in Geography at UBCO. She is the VP Finance for the Geography course union. Her job is to manage finances and budgeting for the union and organize funding for events, as well as participate in event planning. This is her first year as a part of the course union and she is excited to be involved. In her free time, she likes skiing, biking, camping, gardening and swimming in the lake. Her main area of study is human geography, including topics like urban and housing issues and population geography.

Faculty program advisors

Program advisors are faculty members who can help you with course selection, deciding on a major, ensuring you are meeting degree requirements, and even career advice. They serve as a valuable resource in helping you achieve your educational and career goals.

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Undergraduate Student Forms

The following documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Most online fillable forms can be saved to your computer.


The EEGS Mineral and Rock Kit Deposit Form must be used by students to secure mineral and rock kits used in EESC 111 when the course is Web-Oriented.

EEGS Mineral and Rock Kit Deposit Form


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