Alessandro Ielpi

Assistant Professor

Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences
Office: SCI 311

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Earth and planetary geomorphology; watersheds, rivers, and floodplains; basin analysis; fluvial biogeochemistry.

Courses & Teaching

Geomorphology (EESC / GEOG 222); Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (EESC / GEOG 356).


I was born in Italy and have been drawn to rivers and mountains since I was a child. The passion for landscapes is what eventually led me to geology, and specifically the study of surface processes. I found my perfect geoscience playground in Arctic Canada and the deserts of the western USA. I love meandering rivers, remote fieldwork, old-growth forests, and wolf biology.



BSc Hons, University of Siena
MSc, University of Siena
PhD, University of Siena

Research Interests & Projects

My research group is conducting research focused on three broad thematics: Earth and planetary geomorphology; basin analysis; and fluvial biogeochemistry.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Google Scholar
Research Gate


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